la mesa verde

Retreat Chef Rudy- AKA La Mesa Verde- specializes in cooking for yoga retreats and trainings in Netherlands, France and Spain. My dishes are tasteful and as much as possible made from organic and local seasonal products. In this way I try to minimise the environmental impact. I serve colorful and healthy meals that are made with love, pleasure and care. That is why I prepare the dishes myself on location. Furthermore, I like to tell your guests what I cooked for them and would love to enjoy the meal together.
The table as a place of connection, engagement
Thoughts to exchange, food to share
Everything with genuine attention. For the meal and for each other.

retraite chef

Planning to organize a retreat or training soon? Then as retreat chef I would love to be your team member in the kitchen to treat your guests in a healthy culinary way. I cook on location and therefore am part of your team for the care of breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks in between. There will always be coffee, tea, water and a bowl of fruit ready for your guests to take.
The food I prepare is vegetarian and in many cases vegan. That means that I cook with vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. The meals are various, colorful, tasteful. Together with you I plan the menu together in advance; both the times and the ingredients to be used. I like to work with organic seasonal products, preferably from local producers and of course special diets or allergies are taken into account.
La mesa verde works for yoga retreats, music retreats, meditation training and massage training. Do you need any help organizing a retreat or training? I have extensive experience in organizing events and would be happy to help you.
>> Rudy van Uden
The collaboration with Rudy was personal and professional. Very efficient in the kitchen and punctual planning. His presence in the group is definitely a positive contribution. Not only because of the male energy in an almost always dominant population of women in yoga retreats. But also with his humor, empathy and down to earth approach …